Erin L. Courreges, has over fifteen years of state legislative experience, including ten years working in the private sector as a Governmental Relations Consultant. She has successfully represented numerous public and private clients before the Texas Legislature, and its associated administrative entities. As a professional advocate, Erin has specific expertise to address diverse and complex policy areas including natural resources, utility regulation, and regulatory industries.

Erin has worked as a Legislative Aide for three Texas State Representatives and as Assistant Press Secretary for The Speaker of the House. It was during that time that she developed a thorough understanding of the legislative process and policy development, and honed skills that include research, drafting and publishing of legislation, amendments, testimony, administrative rules, and communication.

Erin provides extensive advocacy services on behalf of clients, including: drafting legislation, policy development, tracking and monitoring of client issues, research and writing, campaign contribution advice, and other applicable services.

In addition to serving as the lead consultant for the Offices of Marc A. Rodriguez, Erin has provided contract services to other consultants as well. Services range from attending agency hearings to analyzing data and filed legislation, and drafting legislation to full service contracts.


Erin has served as a governmental relations consultant since Spring of 2003 with the Offices of Marc A. Rodriguez.

Previously, Mrs. Courreges has worked as Assistant Press Secretary within the Texas House of Representatives - Speaker James E. "Pete"" Laney, from Summer 2001 to Spring 2003.

She has extensive prior legislative experience working for the following offices:

  • Texas House of Representatives - Honorable Rene O. Oliveira, Chairman - House Ways and Means
  • Texas House of Representatives - Honorable Joe E. Moreno
  • Texas House of Representatives - Honorable Gerard Torres

She holds a B.A., Cum Laude in Political Science and Psychology; Double Major from the University of Houston and a Masters of Public Administration from Southwest Texas State University

* Erin Courreges a legislative and governmental affairs professional with extensive industry experience.  She does not hold herself as an attorney, and does not engage in legal matters handled by the firm.